How do you boost your confidence in the workplace?

Each month, we ask members of the March8 community to share their thoughts on some of the most pressing topics women face in the workplace today

We all suffer from confidence dips from time to time, whether it’s before starting a new job, preparing for a big meeting, or just having a low self-esteem day. But how do you handle days in the workplace when you’re not feeling your most confident self? Three members of the March8 community share their thoughts. 

Kylee Hurrell

"I remember a time when I did feel confident. I see it, I hear it and feel it. Then, I turn the vision up. I make the picture brighter, the sounds louder and the feelings stronger.
"I then "anchor" this sensation. An anchor is a physical touch point on your body. For example, clenching your fist.
"This creates biofeedback. Your body remembers when I clench my fist, I am feeling confident. I then can use that in moments when I don't feel confident. I can clench my fist and take myself back to a confident state."

Sorana Duca

"I would sharpen the saw in two ways. Firstly, I tackle the problem at work that gives me anxiety, by communicating openly with my manager and team. Secondly, I take time to rest and recharge, to be able to handle it all better in future."

Wardah Khalid

"If it's about skills or knowledge, I try to read up on the topic or find whether there are any internal courses being offered to the employees from HR and I do those.

"If it's about my personality or soft skills, I do positive affirmations and think of my accomplishments. That always works as a charm."

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