March8 recognised in top 50 Digital Women Awards

Stacy Norman, BizClik Media’s COO and Emily Cook, March8’s Marketing Manager, have been recognised in the top 50 Digital Women to Watch awards

Stacy Norman, COO of BizClik and Emily Cook, Marketing Manager of March8, have been recognised in the top 50 Digital Women to Watch 2022 awards.

Digital Women is an online community and digital learning platform that aims to empower women to gain new digital skills for work or business. They also host skill-sharing events and annual award shows to recognise leaders in the digital space.

“It’s such an honour to be featured on this list, not only alongside March8’s founder but a cohort of incredibly inspirational women who are reaching new heights and deserve to be recognised,” says Emily. “This recognition is accepted on behalf of all of March8 as we continue to empower women and smash the glass ceiling”

March8 is an inspiring and informative community of women executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and overachievers. The community recognises, celebrates and champions the achievements and contributions made by women in both business and society. March8 offers practical and compelling career, financial and lifestyle resources to help women take their careers to the next level and achieve a work-life balance.

About BizClik

BizClik is a UK-based media company with a global portfolio of leading industry, business and lifestyle digital communities. 

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