Sevi Marshall, creating tech for diverse users

Join Sevi Marshall at SUSTAINABILITY LIVE LONDON to discover how we can create tech for diverse users while overcoming the various challenges that arise

At SUSTAINABILITY LIVE LONDON, Sevi Marshall will host a March8 workshop to discover how we can create tech for diverse users and overcome the various challenges that crop up along the way. 

Delivering an interactive workshop on Wednesday 7 September, Sevi will discuss and teach the ways we can overcome the diversity issues in tech-based projects to create products for a diverse group of end users.

Through Sevi’s workshop, you will learn: 

  • The difference between diversity in tech industries and diversity of end users
  • How to create products for a diverse group of users, in spite of diversity issues in the tech world
  • How products and projects can evolve beyond an MVP to accommodate to a wider group of end users

Find out more about Sevi

Sevi is a Project Manager at Norwich-based digital agency, Candour, and a Vice-Chair of Norfolk Women's Marketing Network. Her exposure to the exciting growth of tech industries has led her to drive inclusivity and diversity in the tech world. With an eye for modern solutions to old problems, Sevi works with the community to create the foundations for a diverse and equitable tech future.  

As a client-focused, commercial and strategic relationship manager, Sevi is able to establish and maintain strong client relationships, while setting and executing business partnership strategies across multiple industries and driving the success of clients' businesses.

She is also responsible for driving sales growth and business development opportunities across multiple start-ups, improving best practices and performing quality control to improve service delivery.


BizClik Media Group, its event Sponsors and Partners look forward to welcoming all in-person delegates to the Business Design Centre, 7-8 September 2022, as well as the many thousands of virtual attendees as we broadcast our full two-day conference, workshop, and networking programme LIVE to the world!

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