Top 10: The Ultimate Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2023

The day of love is soon approaching, so make sure you buy your sweetheart a gift that will spoil them rotten, making Valentine’s Day 2023 one to remember

Sometimes you love them, sometimes you hate them, and sometimes we just have to tolerate them. Our boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands or wives – whatever we call them, we just can’t be without them. We laugh with them and cry with them, sharing the best and worst days of our lives. So we want to make sure they feel appreciated this Valentine’s Day. 

But when you know each other so well, how do you find the perfect surprise – a gift they haven’t already purchased themselves? Especially as these days, we already have everything virtually at the tap of a button.

Or, if you’ve just started dating, you may be struggling to express your love to the person you hope to spend your future with.

From the practical gifts to the ones that blow the budget (there is a cost of living crisis, after all) we’ve collated our top gift ideas to make your loved one fall for you all over again. Make sure you choose wisely though, as it’s a very special day. (Emoji Love Hearts)

Either way, in our first ever Top 10, March8 magazine gives you some fresh, trending ideas of the gifts that are hot for Valentine’s Day 2023 – enjoy, and have some fun!

05: Sweet and soothing: Jo Malone London Rose Blush Home Candle

You can never have too many candles – especially if they’re from Jo Malone London. Nothing beats seeing your girlfriend or wife putting their feet up after a busy day and knowing that you’ve helped to ease their stress. Boasting sweet scents of rose, it may also set the mood for the perfect night in…

04: Fresh fragrance: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum

Fun. Floral. Feminine. Coco Chanel’s Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum boasts notes of orange, jasmine and rose that awaken the senses, leaving a scent that eludes confidence. This ambery fragrance is ideal for those with strong personalities, who come across as bold, brave and sophisticated.

03: Bling de la bling: Christian Louboutin High Heels

Nothing says: “I love you” like a gift with a red sole. This simple yet sleek black court shoe from Christian Louboutin is perfect for the busy businesswoman, the girlfriend going out on the town, or the glamorous wife running weekend errands. Wherever these statement stilettos will be worn, you can guarantee they’ll make your loved one feel like a million dollars.

02: Don’t miss: Gucci Horsebit 1955 mini bag

Diamonds need to move over – girls have a new best friend: Gucci handbags. And in the case of the Horsebit 1955 Mini Bag, less is more. This petite bag has a vintage-inspired design, with two different shoulder straps – a tonal white leather option and a changeable red and green strap. Both of which emitted style and class.

01: Love You Forever Alert: Range Rover Sport

Get on your girl’s good side and show how much you really care by blowing all expectations out of the water. The Ranger Rover Sport is sleek, stylish and sexy – what more could you want from a Valentine’s Day gift? If you’re feeling romantic, opt for the Firenze Red colour to really get the love flowing.

05: Style icon: DIOR B27 Low-Top Sneakers

Step into Valentine's Day knowing your loved one will fall head over heels for these DIOR B27 Low-Top Sneakers. Crafted with grey and white calfskin, these stylish shoes feature the Dior Oblique jacquard across adorned on either side and an enhanced CD icon on the tongue. Stylish. Iconic. Comfortable.

04: Deeply captivating: Bleu De Chanel Eau De Toilette

The aromatic-woody fragrance of Bleu De Chanel Eau De Toilette is both captivating and mysterious. This gift has been innovatively designed to be discreet, minimalist and practical, as it comes with a 20ml refillable bottle – so you can take it wherever you go. Just twist, spray and smell enticing all day.

03: Cool gift: A Bottle of Hibiki Japanese Whisky

As one of Japan’s most highly regarded whiskeys, this stunning 24-side bottle will certainly put a smile on the face of someone who enjoys their drink. With a complex yet delicate flavour, Hibiki – which translates to ‘harmony’ – boasts a culmination of nearly a century of whisky-making from Japan’s first-ever whiskey producer: Suntory.

02: Must-have: Louis Vuitton Carry-On Suitcase (Horizon 55)

Travel in style and show off the Louis Vuitton’s Carry-On Suitcase next time you and your partner embark on an adventure. Every detail on the case exudes innovation and luxury, from the discreet lock to the wheels that will enable you to roll it along with maximum comfort. It’s also cabin friendly, so it can accompany you everywhere you go!

01: Bling Alert: Ferrari Purosangue

Although your loved one always looks good, you’ve got to admit, they’ll look even better in their very own Ferrari Purosangue. As the first-ever four-door four-seater to be launched by the Prancing Horses, it’s equipped with Maranello’s iconic naturally-aspirated V12 which can unleash a massive 725cv. As this is the new standard of sportscar, make sure your other half doesn’t miss out.



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