Top 8 motivational podcasts for budding business owners

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Dreaming of launching your own business? Tune in to these podcasts to hear tips and tricks from other women leading by example

Whether you love them or hate them, podcasts are a fantastic way to learn useful information, while having fun and being entertained. To inspire and motivate potential business owners, we've compiled our top 8 podcasts, to help get the ball rolling.

08: Financial Feminist

If you want to become financially free, fierce, and feminist, this may well be the podcast for you. With new episodes every Tuesday and new mini-episodes every other Thursday, Financial Feminist, hosted by Tori Dunlap, gives advice on making more, spending less, and feeling financially confident as a woman.

07: How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

Failing can seem scary and embarrassing – but it's fundamental for growth and progression. On the How To Fail With Elizabeth Day podcast, different women are interviewed each week to discuss the failures they’ve faced, but more importantly, how they overcome them and what they learnt from them.

06: The YouTube Power Hour

Hosted by YouTube sensation Erika Vieira, The YouTube Power Hour shares all you need to know about the latest beauty, fashion, fitness and lifestyle worlds from other creators while uncovering their secrets, too. This podcast is perfect for anyone considering an online career, or even those who want to learn a little more about becoming a YouTube influencer.

05: Sunset Provisions

Former BigLaw lawyer turned entrepreneur Janelle Nicole hosts Sunset Provisions, which helps listeners ‘be their own boss’. Through this fun but informative podcast, Janelle shines a more realistic light on entrepreneurship, to help others believe that they too have what it takes to succeed. She also draws on real-life experiences, as to how she grew her side business to a full-time business in just 12 months.

04: The Strategy Hour

Discussing the hottest topics from productivity paranoia to improving client experience, Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams post regular podcasts to help you soar past 6-figures with structure and ease. The Strategy Hour covers everything needed to grow a successful business, including how to scale sustainably, build an ethical culture and everything in between.

03: Screw The Nine to Five

Always dreamed of owning your own business and working on your own terms? Well now you can, with the Screw The Nine to Five podcast, hosted by Jill and Josh Stanton. Each week, the pair shares resources, tips and practical steps through discussions and interviews, to help listeners break free from corporate life while encouraging them to start an online business.

02: Being Boss

​​The Being Boss podcast is perfect for women who want to become creative business owners, side hustlers or freelancers. Drawing from her own entrepreneurial experience, host Emily Thompson discusses what it means and what it takes to reach business success while sharing the habits, tactics and mindset needed to create a thriving business.

01: Startup Savants

We all know that start-up life isn’t easy – that’s why The Really Useful Information Company (TRUiC) launched the Startup Savants podcast, hosted by Annaka Voss and Ethan Peyton, to create a space where fellow founders can share their experiences. Each week, the pair will talk to a different entrepreneur, to understand more about their successes, failures and words of wisdom.


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