Top 8 morning routines for successful women

Having a well-structured morning routine is one of life’s greatest skills, and it definitely takes a lot of trial and error to discover what works best
08: Prep your day

Set aside 20 minutes or so the night before to organise everything you need for the day ahead. Not only will this save you precious time, but it will also help you to avoid last-minute dramas (such as not having any clean clothes, or discovering that you’ve run out of toothpaste). By working in advance and having your outfit ready to go, your coffee in the mug and your umbrella by the door, you’re likely to have a cool, calm and collected morning.

07: Set an early alarm

Rising with (or before) the sun will not only help you squeeze in an extra few hours, but you’ll be less likely to feel rushed when you start your day, allowing you to set a positive pace. The HuffPost also reported that 90% of executives wake up before 6am on weekdays, as they utilise the extra time to get ahead of the rest of the world who are still enjoying their slumber. If you’re not a natural early bird, set your alarm 30 minutes earlier each week, until you find a time that works for you.

06: Get moving

Now you’ve got an extra hour or two in the morning, throw on your favourite comfy clothes and get your body working — whatever this means for you. Whether you fancy hitting the gym, wandering around the local park or practising your yoga poses in front of the TV, doing 30 minutes of exercise will help you feel awake, alert and ready to tackle the day. 

05: Eat well

Busy lifestyles can often mean that breakfasts are forgotten about, but fueling your body with healthy, energy-rich foods will keep you motivated and focused throughout the morning. If you struggle to find the time or motivation to prepare a meal in the morning, try to set some time aside the night before. Smoothies, flavoured yoghurts or overnight oats are all delicious bases that can be customised to suit your taste.

04: Get hydrated

Ever make it to midday before realising you’re yet to have a drop of water? We’ve all been there. Our brains are made up of 75% water, so it’s no wonder that having a cool glass of water soon after your wake will help you feel refreshed and more alert — after all, you’ve just gone for a number of hours without a drink. Making this a priority can help you feel energised and ready to go — and yes, you need at least one glass before your first coffee.

03: Picture your day

As you’re getting dressed, taking a shower or even brushing your hair, try to envision what your perfect day will look like. Set goals for what you’d like to achieve, and contemplate different ways in which you can reach them. Visualising your ideal day will help you process the events you may encounter, turning your actions from reactive to proactive.

02: Take note

Writing positive affirmations, a to-do list or in a gratitude journal is a calming yet productive way to start the day. Putting your thoughts to paper will help you envision the positive mindset that you’re working towards, while helping to get any negativity out of your system. The idea is that you can start the day feeling great with a clear head.

01: Connect with a loved one

Work, chores and immediate family can often consume most of our time, but it’s important not to forget about the friends and family members we hold dearest. Each morning, reply to any outstanding messages or pick up the phone to see how someone is doing — you never know, the thought could really mean a lot.


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