Top 8 sustainable hotels to book in 2022

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Looking to make your next luxurious getaway as sustainable as possible? Check out our favourite hotels that prioritise eco-friendly living

Whether you’re busy planning your next getaway or you just fancy dreaming about your next tropical holiday, take a look through our top 8 sustainable hotels to put on your ‘to visit’ list.

08: Ion Adventure Hotel, Iceland

Built using recycled materials such as tires and natural materials like driftwood, lava and Icelandic wool, Ion Adventure Hotel has well and truly earned its place on this list. So whether you are seeking a quiet, soulful soak beneath the Northern Lights, a challenging trek across an ancient glacier or a day of fly-fishing in plentiful icy rivers, you can do so while enjoying a stay at this sustainable hotel.

07: HOY Hotel, France

Not only is the luxurious HOY Hotel the first yoga hotel in Paris, France, but it’s sustainable, too. HOY Hotel also believes that less is more, that’s why they’ve initiated a number of steps to ensure every guest can have a clean, green stay. Guests can indulge in a 100% plant-based diet from the onsite restaurant MESA, but they can also wander around the zero-waste shop, The Naked Shop.

06: Jetwing Surf, Sri Lanka

On the eastern edge of the teardrop-shaped island, you’ll find Jetwing Surf – a luxury eco resort. Inspired by the waves and seashells, Jetwing Surf features a unique, open architectural design across their rooms, reception and restaurant – each of which has been designed to allow the cool ocean breeze to flow through naturally.

05: 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the Big City, at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, which places the utmost value on the earth and the people who inhabit it. To date, the hotel has offset 19,171 tonnes of CO2 and has been 100% certified carbon neutral since 2018. But 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge also gives back, donating to various charitable partners, including Housing Works, Oceanic Global and The Nature Conservancy.

04: Bambu Indah, Bali

Designed by John and Cynthia Hardy in 2005, Bambu Indah is a collection of eleven antique Javanese bridal homes which were brought to Bali, restored, and decorated with the finest details. Now, Bambu Indah is a sustainably minded jungle retreat, which boasts a responsible lifestyle coupled with modern comforts and customised services.

03: The Pig at Combe, UK

At The Pig at Combe, sustainability is a top priority. Find upcycled furniture throughout the property, a number of recycled products and LED lighting to reduce energy consumption. The property is located in the heart of Devon, nestled in the Otter Valley just 15 minutes from the coast.

02: COMO Hotels, Laucala Island, Fiji

Those who are after a luxurious trip away will be enticed by this private island, with 25 villas spread over 12km squared. As COMO Hotels are 86% self-sustained, they prioritise reducing their usage of precious natural resources by minimising their impact on the environment. As much as possible, the restaurants and bars use home-grown produce: fresh aromatics, nourishing greens and locally sourced meats and seafood.

01: Soneva Kiri, Ko Kood, Thailand

Soneva Kiri believes that luxury and sustainability can be interconnected concepts and, since the beginning of their journey, have pioneered a business model with sustainability at its heart. In 2008, the business introduced a 2% environmental levy on all stays, which goes towards the Soneva Foundation, which invests in a variety of eco-friendly projects.


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